Are Grapes Good for Dogs? The Alarming Truth!

Are Grapes Good For Dogs

Dogs love eating, some will eat anything and everything they can get. This includes human foods, which while some human foods are safe for dogs to consume, others are highly toxic to our pups.

Are grapes good for dogs? Can dogs have grapes?

can dogs have grapes

Are grapes good for dogs? NO

Can dogs have grapes? NO

Grapes & dried grapes (raisins), are highly toxic to dogs and should never be allowed to eat them. It is unknown what causes grapes and raisins to be so toxic to dogs, but they can cause sudden and severe kidney failure, which can also prove to be fatal. As it is not known what causes grapes and raisins to be toxic to dogs, there is no variety which are safe for dogs to eat. Red, white, green, seedless, and all of the rest, they are all off limits for our little canine friends. The same applies for raisins, currants and sultanas.

Which Breeds Are Safe to Eat Grapes?

NONE! There are no breeds which are immune from the toxicity caused from eating grapes or raisins. English Mastiff or Chihuahua, it does not matter what breed, gender or age your dog is, all dogs are at risk from eating grapes and should therefore, not be given to them at all. NONE! ZERO!

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Signs of Toxic Ingestion from Grapes

Below are some of the most common warning sign symptoms your dog is suffering from poisoning from grapes.

  • Reduced appetite
  • Weakness & Lethargy
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea
  • Abdomen Pain
  • Increase in thirst
  • Increase or decrease in urination
  • Dehydration

What to do if your Dog ate Grapes?

If you discover that your dog has eaten grapes, call your veterinarian immediately. Inform them how many you believe they have eaten and how long ago.

From there, take your vets advice. This may include, inducing vomiting or other home remedies. Remember, grape toxicity, if left untreated, can lead to kidney failure, which can be fatal.

It doesn’t take much for grape toxicity to take effect, but larger amounts are obviously of even greater concern.

Even after treatment for grape toxicity, your dog’s health may still be seriously affected due to any kidney damage they may have suffered.

How to stop your Dog eating Grapes.

Many dogs will eat whatever they can get, therefore, the best way to stop them from eating them is simply to keep them completely out of reach. If you stop them from getting to them, you stop them from eating them!

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Are grapes good for dogs?

As you have now learnt, grapes and raisins in all there varieties and in any quantity are extremely harmful to dogs and should never be given to them.

If you discover your dog has eaten grapes, it is a medical emergency, which needs to be treated as such and you need to contact your veterinarian immediately! Your dog’s life and certainly there health may depend on it!

Safeguard your dog by keeping grapes, raisins and all their other varieties out of your pups reach.

If you are wondering which other human foods are safe or unsafe for your dog, we have articles on the following fruits & vegetables.

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