Are Potatoes Bad for Dogs? Quick Guide.

can dogs eat potato
are potatoes bad for dogs

Are Potatoes Bad for Dogs?

If you have a pet dog, you already know this. Your fluffy canine is always eager to take a bite of whatever you have. You can’t say NO to those big round eyes looking at you with hope. However, not all human foods are fit for a dog’s ingestion. So, it’s better to think twice before sharing your food with your four-legged friend.

Winter is approaching. It is the time of the year when many people tend to eat more potatoes. While having hot fries on cold winter days, you might think to share a fry with your dog. But is it safe, though? Are potatoes bad for dogs?

What about potato skin or sweet potatoes?

Can dogs eat potatoes?

The answer is yes, and no as well. Potatoes are great as a source of carbohydrates and potassium. But that doesn’t mean dogs can eat potatoes in any state. They can only have it after being cooked. Feeding raw potatoes to your dog can have serious consequences.

Potatoes belong to the nightshade family. Which means a substance named solanine is present in them. This substance is found in tomato plants too, and is highly inappropriate for dogs. It can cause serious health problems. If you have a vegetable garden, make sure your dog stays far-far away from it.

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However, adequately cooked potatoes are OK to share. The cooking process reduces the amount of solanine and makes it less harmful to dogs. Many popular dog foods also contain potatoes as an ingredient. Even some dog food prescriptions also have potatoes in them.

Can a dog eat Potato Skins?

A little potato peel once in a while is fine. But it’s better to peel off the potato skin and then feed your dog. Potato skins are full of oxalates. Providing your dog with too much oxalate can cause kidney issues. It can also cause digestive system problems, urinary tract problems, and nervous system issues. You can consider potato peels as a canine hazard.

Make sure the potato you plan to give your dog is correctly baked and is without any additives.

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Are potatoes healthy for my dog?

Just like humans, dogs can also face constipation by eating too many potatoes. Only provide them potatoes in a moderate quantity.

But potatoes shouldn’t be a staple diet for your dog. If your canine faces any obesity or diabetes issues, the carbohydrates in potatoes can give rise to it.

Sweet potatoes are a healthy substitute for potatoes. They taste delicious and have higher levels of vitamins. Also, sweet potatoes do not contain harmful toxins. Therefore, it is not dangerous for your dog to have it in raw form. While when cooked, it is easily digestible for the dog.

Can eating potatoes be dangerous for my dog?

A dog should not eat raw potato or potato plants. If you grow potatoes in your garden, it is best to fence your garden off. Your pup would love to go and dig some plants up and eat them. But keep them away from a barrier or fence as the toxic component (Solanine) available in potatoes can cause harm to dogs.

If your dog has eaten raw potatoes look for the following signs:

  • Weakness
  • Confusion
  • Severe gastrointestinal distress (includes diarrhea, vomiting)
  • Lethargy

These are the symptoms of solanine toxicity. Immediately call your vet if you feel concerned about the symptoms.

How many potatoes can my dog eat?

You can gladly share your cooked potato with your dog friend as a treat. However, try to follow the 10% rule. According to this rule, only 10% of daily calories can come from dog treats. Take a percentage of your dog’s daily diet and figure out its 10%. This is the perfect single-day potato intake for your dog. In terms of calories, a cricket ball-sized peeled potato contains around 130 calories.

Potato Serving Ideas

We love to eat potatoes in different forms, including fried, baked, etc. Many of us enjoy adding butter and cheese to our potatoes. But all these potato forms are not ideal for your dog. All the extra fat and salt we add to potatoes isn’t healthy for dogs. So, keep these things away from your fluffy pups’ reach. Only feed mashed, properly baked, steamed, or plain cooked potatoes to your dog. Do not offer them deep-fried oil-cooked potatoes.

Here we have some potato serving ideas that your pup will surely love.

Mashed potatoes for puppy

Boil some potatoes and gently remove their peel. Put it in a bowl and add a scoop of plain Greek yogurt. Mash both ingredients well, and Woah! You have a delicious homemade treat for your canine.

Birthday Cupcakes

Grab some meatloaf muffins, mix it up with ground turkey (or ground beef), shredded carrot, and an egg. Bake all the things in a Muffin Tin and top with some mashed potatoes. You can also use colorful and dog-friendly fruits and vegetables at the top.

Cooked potatoes and dog-friendly cooked vegetables are an excellent combination for your dog’s diet. Try to add vegetables like carrots and sweet peas with potatoes.

Potato Treats

Cut a potato into thick slices. Use a bone-shaped cookie cutter and make bone-like shapes. Bake the potato until it is soft in the middle. You can use this as a treat for your dog. It can also be used as toppers for his regular dinner.

Alternative Foods for Dogs

Not everything you can eat is ideal for your dog’s health. But other than potatoes, there is still some human food that you can gladly give to your canine best friend. Some of the healthy human foods you can offer your dog include small apple slices, baby carrots, watermelon, pumpkin, and fresh green beans.

Before adding anything new to your dog’s diet, it is best to check with your veterinarian. Your puppy’s digestive system is very delicate. Some treats are healthy, but your dog could be allergic to them. A proper veterinarian consultancy can show you that the additions are appropriate and safe for your dog. Every dog has an individual personality and needs to be treated so.

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