Are Walnuts Bad for Dogs? Shocking Facts you Need to Know!

Are Walnuts Bad For Dogs

Are walnuts bad for dogs? When it comes to food, dog owners love to share the food we enjoy with our dogs. A simple healthy snack for us, may not necessarily be healthy for our dogs. In this article, we will be finding out if one of America’s favorite nuts, is bad for our dogs. Are walnuts bad for dogs?

Are Walnuts Bad for Dogs? Are Walnuts Toxic to Dogs?

The simple answer is, they can be!

Walnuts are highly nutritious nuts and have far more, healthier omega-3 fats, than most other nuts.

They are high in antioxidants and are believed to improve brain health, lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease in humans.

However, this does not automatically mean that they are a healthy treat for your pooch.

Walnuts can often be infected with fungi, which can cause your dog serious problems. These problems can include vomiting, tremors, and even seizures.

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Fungi in Walnuts

These types of nuts have a high moisture content, because of this, they can be infected with fungi at any stage of the growing process. It doesn’t matter if they are shelled or unshelled. Even a drying process prior to eating will not stop fungal growth. 

Some say, washing walnuts with vinegar or boiling water and then drying thoroughly will remove any fungal growth. However, this seems a lot of hassle and is not guaranteed to remove all or any of the fungi.

Some of these fungi produce Tremorgenic Mycotoxins which is a toxic compound that is harmful to dogs.

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Black Walnuts

As well as fungi, Black walnuts or Eastern American Black walnuts contain juglone which is a toxin that causes dogs to get an upset gastric intestinal. Otherwise known as an upset stomach. Walnuts can also cause intestinal blockages.

English Walnuts

English walnuts can also contain fungi, cause an upset stomach, and can create an intestinal obstruction in canines.

Japanese Walnuts

Again, as with black and English walnuts, Japanese walnuts can cause stomach pain and intestinal blockage. If your dog eats Japanese walnuts, these also contain fungi which again, can cause vomiting but also tremors and seizures.


Are Walnuts Bad for Dogs if they are Cooked?

Cooking food can kill bacteria, making that food then safe to eat.

However, cooking doesn’t kill mycotoxins.

Therefore, cooking walnuts isn’t going to make them any safer for your dog.

What to do if my dog ate walnuts?

If you discover your dog ate a walnut, you should be concerned but don’t panic.

Watch your dog closely for the next few hours, if you notice any behavior which is out of the ordinary, or your dog starts to vomit, contact your veterinarian straight away.

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What Nuts are Poisonous to Dogs?

Can dogs eat pistachios?

Pistachios are my personal favorite. But it is not recommended that you should ever give them to your dog. Like walnuts, they pose a risk of choking and obstruction of their intestine. But worse than these, they contain aspergillus fungi. This produces aflatoxin which can cause serious problems to your dog’s liver.

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Can dogs have macadamia nuts?

Never give a dog macadamia nuts!

Macadamia nuts are poisonous to dogs whether they are raw or roasted. Just a single one of these nuts can cause your dog serious harm, symptoms can include vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and weakness in their legs. If you believe your dog may have consumed any amount of macadamia nuts, contact your veterinarian immediately.  

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Can dogs eat pecans?

Pecans should also be avoided. Like pistachios, they can contain aflatoxin, which can cause liver damage, but also a toxin called juglone, which is harmful to dogs.  

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Can dogs eat brazil nuts?

Brazil nuts are high in fat, in fact, they are one of the highest fat contents of all nuts. These can cause stomach problems, digestive problems, and pancreatitis.

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Are almonds bad for dogs?

Almonds are not toxic for dogs; however, they pose a risk of choking and aren’t digested very easily by dogs. They can cause discomfort with an upset stomach and also lead to gastric intestinal distress.

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Can dogs eat walnuts? No, walnuts are bad for dogs. Most nuts, if not toxic, are still high in fat, which can cause discomfort and even stomach ache for dogs. But toxic nuts like walnuts can cause far more severe symptoms and complications.

Based on my research, I would highly recommend avoiding giving nuts to dogs. If you want to give your pup a treat, there are plenty of other options available for our dogs that are far safer and healthier for them.  

The only nut treat I would give my dog would be a small amount of peanut butter specifically made for dogs, placed inside a dog toy, like a Kong, or even spread on a slow dispensing lick pad.

There are some human foods that are safe for dogs, to find out about some of them, click the links below.

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