8 Amazing Benefits of Raised Dog Bowls

Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

Our dogs are no less than our kids. We all love them to the core, and their good health is what makes us happy. Why would anyone want their fur buddy to be unhealthy? So, we have to take extra good care of them whether it is of their physical exercise, their social needs or their diet.

So why do we get dogs’ substandard plastic and ceramic bowls? Some of us are even guilty of using cracked or slightly broken containers to feed our pets. But your pets deserve so much more than that! You’ve probably seen some dog bowls that are slightly raised above the ground. Why do they exist? Well, it is because of the numerous health benefits of raised dog bowls!

Did you know that a dog eating at ground level is more likely to have problems with posture or might not be able to get the food down the esophagus properly? With raised dog bowls, you can say bye-bye to health and posture problems and give your dog the care they need. In this article, we’ll be talking about the benefits of raised dog bowls and the best ones for your dog.

Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls:

Well, of course, the elevated dog bowls aren’t raised above the ground for no reason. They have many advantages, which we’ll go through below:

It aids in the improvement of posture: As your dog will stand to eat their meal, their stance will be enhanced significantly. This implies they will no longer have the curvature in their back or the need to hold their head down to acquire the food they are trying to swallow.

Easy GI movement: The raised bowls will keep the dogs upright, allowing the food to go down the gastrointestinal tract as it should.

Elevated dog bowls make swallowing easier: When your dog bends down all the way to the floor to eat food, the food must travel up the throat fighting gravitational forces to reach the stomach. When their bowls are raised, it makes it much easier for them to swallow.

It makes cleaning a breeze: It’s easier to keep the feeding area clean if your dog’s bowls are higher. Also, as most raised dog bowls have non-slip bases, the bowls will stay in place.

Is it better to have raised dog bowls

No more vomiting: Puking can occur after your dogs eat from a low bowl. That’s because the food is repulsed out instead of going into the stomach. The puking problem is occasionally caused by the manner in which dogs eat. Food tends to go down into the stomach rather than getting lodged when the dogs use an elevated bowl.

Slows down the fast eaters: A raised bowl is beneficial for dogs who eat quickly. This can lead them to eat more slowly since they must eat in a more erect posture.

Steady platform: Raised dog bowls give a continuous eating platform for your pooch, so he doesn’t have to constantly move around and follow the bowl while eating.

Adjustable: You’ll note that most of the elevated bowls have the ability to adjust the elevation. So don’t worry about the height being too high for small dogs. Adjustable legs make it simple to determine and adjust the size that will best suit your pets.

Pros and Cons of Elevated dog feeders:

Now, like every product, even elevated dog bowls have their downsides. While these bowls are essential for pet owners and make for fantastic eating containers, they still have their cons. The cons aren’t really significant because, as a whole, the elevated dog bowls are super beneficial, but we’ll still consider them!


  • Elevated feeders for dogs help to keep the place clean.
  • They help slow down fast eaters.
  • They improve the gastrointestinal movement of dogs.
  • They help to make the bowl stay put to its spot.
  • They help to improve the posture of dogs.
  • It is easier for the dog owner to reach the bowls for refilling.
  • Most elevated dog bowls are adjustable to the dog’s height.
  • They reduce joint stress.


  • They may be frustrating for fast-eaters.
  • It is challenging to chew on bones from elevated bowls.

There are a few cons and far more benefits of raised dog bowls which is why we highly recommend that you do your dog a favor and get him an elevated dog bowl as soon as possible!

Pet Zone Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

There are so many elevated dog bowls in the market, but very few have all the benefits of raised dog bowls. One bowl in particular that caught our attention is this one by Pet Zone. Just by the look of it, you can tell that it is designed in the most fashionable way possible. You can feed your dogs using this dog bowl and treat them to a more comfortable meal!

It’s adjustable, so if your dog is shorter or taller than the bowl, you can elevate or lower it to your dog’s comfort height. It is perfect for all sizes of fur buddies! If you feel like the bowl is occupying too much space while in the elevated position, no worries! Simply remove the legs and tuck them under the platform!

As you will see in the pictures, the bowls are relatively spacious and will accumulate up to 7 cups of dry dog food. Get rid of your ceramic and plastic bowls and grab one of these instead!

So, storage is easy, and it also helps to reduce joint stress. The best part about the Pet zone adjustable bowl is that it is rust-resistant, so you won’t be seeing any of that annoying orange accumulation on it. Your dogs don’t like rust, we don’t, and you obviously don’t! This versatile and adjustable feeding bowl is a must-have in every household that has a pet because of its potential medical benefits to dogs.

Things we like:

  • Rust-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Adjustable.
  • Reduces joint stress.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy storage.

Pawfect Pets Raised Dog Bowl Stand

Pawfect is a star at creating some perfect pet supplies. And it’s done a mighty fantastic job with this elevated dog bowl. While this elevated dog bowl isn’t adjustable, the manufacturers have made it elevated to an ergonomic position that would suit most breeds of dogs.

You may ensure that your dog does not suffer from joint discomfort or tension by elevating its water and food bowl to a more ergonomic position. As we’ve mentioned in the benefits of elevated dog bowls already, these bowls are excellent to give dogs a better eating posture. Your fur buddy won’t have to bend all the way down to get a decent meal!

This dog bowl is pre-assembled and very robust, and sturdy. It’s made of a bamboo frame with a silicone lining that’s tough. The frame helps to get rid of those swishing and messes your dog tends to make while enjoying his scrumptious food.

The best part about this raised bowl for dogs is that it comes with four separate bowls. So, if your dog is hungry and asking for a meal, and you’re too tired to wash his bowl, pull out the spare! The silicone is also anti-slip, and the coating is made of durable polyurethane as well!

Things we like:

  • Pre-assembled.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Extra bowls included.
  • Ergonomic position.
  • Avoids messes.

Emfogo Raised Dog Bowl Stand

Yet another one of the best-raised feeders for dogs is the Emfogo dog bowl that’s a perfect choice for both cats and dogs. The most notable feature of these dog bowls is that they have a unique size and design with just the right rim diameter and just the right height, so your dogs don’t make a mess, and their knees aren’t hurt.

The design is adjustable and removable, so depending on your dog’s height, you can elevate or move the stand down. Short dogs won’t have to elevate their necks too high, and tall dogs won’t have to squat too low this way! One benefit of this elevated dog bowl is that it has a non-slip base, so even if your dog starts eating hungrily with passion, the stand and bowl will stay in place and not make a mess!

It has a metal stand, with a rustic wooden tray that holds the bowls in place. It is great looking and will fit in with all home décors. The Emfogo dog bowl is a sure-fit in any home décor. Even though this dog bowl doesn’t arrive pre-assembled, you can assemble it pretty easily and in a jiffy. 

Things we like:

  • Easy assembly.
  • Natural solid wood.
  • It blends in with all interiors.
  • Adjustable.
  • Non-slip base.

Leashboss Skyrise Elevated Dog Feeder

The Leashboss dog feeder may just be an honorable mention on our list, but that doesn’t mean it is any less than the other counterparts! In fact, the Leashboss Skyrise feeder is super sturdy and made of the best quality water-resistant bamboo. So don’t worry that the wooden bamboo build will be destroyed by splashing water and dog saliva.

This dog bowl is super easy to assemble as well. The non-slip feet will make sure that the bowl stays in place and doesn’t get knocked over by your energetic dog. Also, it doesn’t move around, so your floor will be free from scratches and all other kinds of harm.

This dog feeder includes two very large stainless steel bowls to accommodate food that your hungry pup might need. This elevated bowl can hold up to 8 cups of dry dog food which is quite a lot if you ask me! So, give your dog some fantastic treats in this excellent bowl. Not only will it help your dog’s knees, but it’ll also lead to better digestion!

The stylish and modern look of this elevated dog bowl, coupled with the light bamboo-colored legs, provides an excellent addition to any décor. Neat and tidy, the Leashboss skyrise feeder has all the benefits of raised dog bowls.

Things we like:

  • Sturdy.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Minimal assembly.
  • Non-slip.
  • It blends in with décor.


Reaching down to pick up your pet bowls can be super painful if you have disabilities or arthritis. One benefit is that reaching down to pick up the bowl becomes super easy when you have an elevated dog bowl. Also, it becomes super easy to clean up with an elevated dog bowl since there’s a lesser mess.

We’ve already discussed the different benefits of raised dog bowls to dogs, but you, yourself, will also be greatly benefitted from a raised dog bowl. As you can obviously see, there are countless health advantages that dog bowls have for your pets, and we’ve listed only a few. You may find even more medical benefits for dogs, but the ones we discussed should be good enough to entice you to buy these fantastic elevated dog bowls, as they will assist your pets in more aspects than you expected.

Most of these elevated bowls may be used for multiple uses, so keep that in mind. Raised dog bowls have become increasingly famous in the market in recent years. They come in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and price points. Raised dog feeders, as opposed to standard feed bowls, can give a variety of advantages for both you and your canine companion.


Do raised dog bowls cause bloating?

Bloating is when there is a gas buildup in a dog’s stomach, and it inflates more than it should. When dogs eat from an elevated food bowl, they take in less air than usual and hence would theoretically have lesser bloat. But a problem arises here.

While these bowls may reduce bloating in smaller breeds of dogs, there can be a few health concerns when it comes to large dogs. It has been noted that there’s an incidence of bloating when large dogs eat from elevated feeders. However, there is no strong scientific evidence to back this up. In some cases, these dog bowls may cause bloating, but it’s not necessary that they will, and it depends on the way your dog is eating.

Veterinarians highly recommend getting raised dog bowls so they’d tell you if they thought it caused bloating. However, if you’re still unsure if you should get one, consult your vet and ask him if an elevated dog bowl would be good for your dog or not based on the dog’s condition.

Do elevated dog bowls help with digestion?

Yes! Better digestion is one of the main benefits of raised dog bowls. Elevated dog bowls allow for easy eating and drinking and can aid in the passage of food from the pharynx to the stomach. Raised feeders allow for easy access to food and water, which can aid in the passage of food from the esophagus into the stomach.

It’s also so much easier for dogs to swallow from elevated dog bowls. When bowls are placed on the ground, it is harder for food to reach the stomach, and your dog may vomit because instead of going into the stomach, the food goes back out. (However, this is rare!) So elevated dog bowls help the food in reaching the stomach and digest it more efficiently.

What is the point of a raised dog bowl?

The main reason why raised bowls for dogs exist is to provide an easier way for your pets to eat their food. There are multiple reasons why we need them, but the main one is, of course, to enhance the mobility of dog food passing through your dog’s digestive tract.

Raised bowls are frequently advised by vets and canine health specialists as a helpful feeding aid for pets with orthopedic issues. They’re also designed to help your dog stand up straighter. If your dog’s food bowl is at ground level, he or she will have to lean down to eat food. While this isn’t a concern for smaller dog breeds, it can be a hard situation for big breeds of dogs. As a result, it’s kinder on your dog’s joints and allows him to chew more easily.

Another reason for getting a raised dog bowl is your own convenience. Dogs don’t make a lot of mess when the bowl is elevated. So, you’ll be spending less time cleaning up after your dog when you have a raised dog bowl. And also, it’s much easier to bend down and pick up an elevated dog bowl instead of bending all the way down to the ground. You’re going to be extremely grateful for it if you have arthritis or any disability!

What is the point of a raised dog bowl

Is it better to have raised dog bowls?

So many vets and medical specialists recommend that you use elevated bowls for dogs. So, it’s probably for good reason. So, certainly, raised dog bowls are preferable. Whether or not you use an elevated food bowl is entirely up to you! It can be beneficial for dogs with a laryngeal disease, joint problems, or dogs with short jaws, such as pugs.

Raised bowls are particularly beneficial for dogs who claw at their bowls of water, as well as messy fur buddies who would just gobble up the food instead of taking a break in between or just quick eaters. The bowl will be nearer to your dog’s mouth if it is raised off the floor. When your dog wants a morsel of food or needs a drink, they don’t have to lean down to ground level.

You can help dogs eat properly and fix their stance by lifting their dishes to a level that is suitable for them. Low-level feeding bowls may put pressure on the dog’s head, pelvis, shoulders, and joints. For elderly dogs or those with arthritis, orthopedic concerns, joint abnormalities, painful joints, or spinal problems, elevated bowls are preferred.

Do Vets recommend elevated dog bowls?

A lot of vets recommend that you use elevated dog bowls, particularly for dogs with disabilities or joint problems. You should always have a raised dog bowl at your house in case your dog gets injured or sick so he/she can easily eat from the raised bowl.

As your dog gets older, he or she will likely develop joint and bone problems. Elderly dogs may not be able to bend all the way down, and even if they do, they will have a hard time doing so. It will be too painful or simply just exhausting for them. So, Vets recommend that you use them because of the many benefits of raised dog bowls.

Vets do, however, talk about choosing the right elevated bowl for your dog. You cannot benefit from buying the first one that you see. They recommend getting adjustable elevated feeding bowls so you can cater to them according to your dog’s height. And then, for breeds like pugs that don’t have elongated mouths like other dogs, eating from a floor-level feeding bowl can be quite hard. So, vets recommend assessing your dog’s breed and getting a bowl accordingly.

Are elevated dog bowls good for small dogs?

Elevated dog bowls are perfectly good for small dogs. Even though a small dog might not need it as much since they’re already so close to the ground, they still can benefit from them because an elevation isn’t the sole purpose of these raised dog bowls.

One of the benefits of raised dog bowls is that they stay put. So, since the feeder doesn’t move around a lot, it gives a pretty steady platform to your dogs for eating. They won’t constantly be trying to chase the bowl as it moves farther and farther away, but they’ll be able to focus more on the food.

Also, small dogs with small, compact faces and short mouths would love a raised dog bowl because eating stops being a struggle. If you are still worried that you will get a raised dog bowl and it will be too tall for your small dogs, that’s really not a problem because there are so many brands selling adjustable dog bowls. You can lower the height if it is too high.

Packed with benefits, raised dog bowls are fantastic for all breeds of dogs.

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