Best Dog Seat Covers for Leather Seats – Buyers Guide

dog seat covers for leather seats

We know how painful it is to watch your brand-new leather seats become a toy for your dog and cat as they dig their claws deep into them. We adore our dogs, yet they may be destructive at times. But don’t worry, you can protect your leather seats from your dogs by getting a dog car seat cover!

Take a look at our top recommendations for the best dog seat covers for leather seats:

Best Overall – Viewpets Bench Seat Cover Protector

The Viewpets dog seat cover is one of the best dog seat covers for leather seats and will make sure that your car rides become super enjoyable, and you never have to worry about your dog’s muddy paws ruining your seats ever again!

This is a universally-sized rear seat cover, so it’s a perfect one for dogs of every breed. Hey, you can even fit a mountain dog here! It’s a fantastic choice for passengers who are having a meal on the back seat as well!

The ViewPets pet car seat protector is made up of premium grade heavy duty, waterproof and non-slip material to ensure that they stay durable. There are non-slip mesh side flaps too.

You can install this dog seat cover in a jiffy, thanks to the two-seat anchors that you just have to tuck in to make the cover stay put. It measures 49 inches by length and 56 inches by width, so it’s a size that goes with every vehicle and every dog breed.

This hammock seat cover is designed to give your cars or suvs entire rear seats maximum protection, and it’s going to accumulate any mess the dog brings with himself so that your original leather seat remains safe.

Things we like:

  • Universal size.
  • Four layers double stitching.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Scratch-proof

To summarize, this dog seat has a knack for being convenient and super comfortable! When it comes to assembly, this dog seat cover is a breeze to put together. All you need is a minute to get it spread over your seat. It’s a universal size and will adjust according to any car type!

Best Hammock Seat Cover – 4Knines Dog Rear Seat Hammock Cover

The 4Knines company claims to be an expert in producing dog equipment. But do they make good dog seat covers for leather seats? You bet they do! In fact, this product is unique in that it has a non-quilted layer to keep your dog from slipping off the cover. Slip-free stuff is perfect for dogs because they hate not being in control.

This hammock style seat cover is waterproof, and water can’t easily seep into the dog cover. Since there isn’t any quilting, there’s hardly cause for water getting through! The most fantastic part about this dog seat cover is that you can clean it in a jiffy. Even if your dog is busy gobbling up his food and swigging on his water, there’s going to be drops of water and pieces of food here and there, all you need is a moist cloth and everything will be fine!

Now dogs can’t help having super sharp paws. In fact, these fur babies need these claws for survival. But the drawback is that they get scratched. Luckily, the 4knine cover is scratch-resistant, and your leather seat will be protected from any scratches and marks.

Things we like:

  • Waterproof.
  • Three layers waterproof coating.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to install.
  • Colorfast material.

This seat cover is made up of three layers of PU waterproof coating, and that’s perhaps its best feature. The colorfast fabric is also something that can’t be ignored. So, to summarize, this dog car seat is loaded with fantastic features, and 4knine sure is living up to the standards!

Best Budget Hammock Seat Cover – Giomoc Dog Rear Car Seat Cover

The Giomoc is another great hammock style cover for your rear seats, they will cover up the entire back seat and give ampler room for your dog to spread out and have a nice nap while not harming the seats at all! Thanks to the wonderful 600D oxford fabric used in its construction, the Giomoc car seat is a little heavy and sets perfectly on the seat.

This is among the best dog seat covers for leather seats since the fabric is made of the most robust and durable materials possible. The fabric is excellent at keeping scratches and liquid spills at bay and protecting your vehicle.

The design is super versatile since it’s convertible. The side flaps will effectively protect your dog from being injured as a result of sudden movements while driving. You can say goodbye to those annoying side-doornail scratches!

Even if your dog salivates or has wet paws, the moisture will be taken in by the seat cover and not the leather seat itself. And even if your dog does enter the car with messy feet and dirt, the cover will get dirty, but you’ll be able to clean it with a single wipe.

Things we love:

  • Durable fabric.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Convertible.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Water-resistant.

On a final note, we’ll just remind you that no harmful chemicals are used in making this Universal-sized dog seat cover. So, your dog will also be safe and sound and won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals or allergens! Giomoc has employed excellent craftsmanship when making this product!

Best Front Seat Cover – Meadowlark Front Seat Protector Cover

The Meadowlark dog seat cover for front seats are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a bucket seat cover. Who wants to ruin their fine leather seats? But at the same time, trips without your fur buddy are no fun! So, with this dog seat cover, you get a complete waterproof experience and a comfortable experience for your dog.

You can keep the interior of your vehicle feeling brand new with this exceptional dog seat cover. The newest waterproof, impermeable and sturdy rear car seat cover is very good at resisting any water droplets or much your dog might bring in since it’s impermeable to water.

The four layers of durable material add dimensions of supreme protection to this seat cover. It’s non slip, waterproof, and extremely comfortable thanks to the four layers. Messy paws, wetness, drool, dust, saliva, and hair will never reach your car’s leather seats when your spotless backseat is protected by this waterproof cover.

The 4-layer fabric is easy to clean all you need is a single wipe. It’s simple to put up and take down the cover. This cover is a must0have since it incorporates PVC, polypropylene, rubber-mesh, and even polyester taffeta.

Things we love:

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy set-up.
  • 4-layers construction.

This is one of the best dog seat covers for leather seats, thanks to its four-layer construction and durability. Loaded with strength and protection, this is the best you can get!

Best Alternative – 4Knines Heavy Duty SUV Cargo Liner

If your target is to get the most durable and heavy-duty dog seat cover for leather seats, then this one by the active pets store would be a fantastic choice for you. While most middle-range dog car seat covers succumb to a few scratches and wear and tear, this seat cover will remain true to you by being made of materials of the highest quality and never enabling you to complain!

You don’t have to worry about your dog making a little mess on the car seat covers. Let it enjoy, have his food and water there, and even he does make a mess, you can easily clean this cover. The premium 600D polyester enables this seat cover to remain clean always.

The polyester is colorfast and won’t stain the leather seats below to retain good quality. There are super-durable nylon clips attached to it, and no harmful azo dyes or chemicals are used. So, you can rest easy knowing your fur-baby is in the safest of hands!

Installing this cover is pretty easy with the quick-release clips, and cleaning is pretty much a breeze! If your dog chews aggressively, this is the perfect seat cover since it’s designed to tackle that.

Thanks to the multiple security layers, your dog will remain safe and sound and not get stuck in the seat or fall from it. They’ll be safe and feel safe too.

Things we love:

  • Non-slip.
  • Colorfast polyester.
  • For aggressive chewers.
  • Easy clean.
  • No hazardous dyes or chemicals utilized.

Thanks to the colorfast fabric and safe materials used in its construction, this seat is a safe choice for all your road trips! Enjoy an easy-clean and durable seat cover thanks to 4Knines and their wonderful products!

Best Budget Alternative – Pawple Pets Protector Cargo Liner

Lastly, the People dog seat cover promises you maximum convenience. This cargo liner and seat cover have a universal size so that it fits vehicles of all sizes and shapes to give you maximum convenience. Color bleeding will never be a worry since this Polyurethane material is colorfast.

You can keep your seat free of dirt, moisture, scrapes, hair, and fur, among other things. There will be no more ceaseless sweeps and trying to dry clean the life out of the cover because you’ll be able to clean it using a simple wipe. The People Pets cover is also machine washable, so if it gets too dirty, you know what to do!

A common problem with seat covers is that they’re slippery, and your dog can’t stand upright because of the jerks and brakes during driving. So, your fur buddy doesn’t really enjoy car rides much. But with this Pawple SUV cargo liner, this won’t happen because there’s a non-slip backing to have you covered!

Your dogs deserve as much luxury as you do, and by getting them this car seat cover, you can treat them to a luxurious and comfortable experience!

Things we love:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Diamond stitching.
  • Non-slip.

It also enables children and pets to occupy the back seat together because it is Universal in size. This seat cover gives a win-win situation for both you and your dog!

Final Verdict:

Dog seat covers are the need of the day as more and more people turn to their dogs as a means of comfort and for company. And while keeping a dog, you can’t expect to leave it at home when you have to leave for lengthy trips. A dog becomes your family, and you can’t leave a family member behind!

But we will admit that these furry family members are a little messy and can scratch your leather seats. With the right dog car seat cover for leather seats, you can say goodbye to these worries! Your dog will be able to enjoy a car ride while on the seat and won’t be able to scratch the seats or make them dirty!

1.ViewPets Dog Seat Cover: Of course, our all-time favorite would be the ViewPets Dog car seat cover since it has four layers of comfort for your fur baby. This cover would even cover your whole car floor, and you’ll be able to have it set up and going in no time!

2. 4Knines cover with a hammock: Our second top pick is no less than the first. The 4Knines dog car seat cover is the definition of durability. Thanks to its completely waterproof nature and even great features like a colorfast fabric, we’ll admit that the makers of this seat cover knew what they were doing here!

3. Giomoc Car Seat Cover: Giomoc is the third favorite because of its durability. It encompasses all the features of a good car seat cover that we love, including waterproofing and versatility. All at a great price!

So, make sure you consider all six of our picks when buying a dog seat cover for your fur buddies!

How to Pick the Best Car Seat Cover for Your Dog:

Are you tired of having paw marks, scratches, and tons of stains all over your leather seats? That’s no excuse for leaving your dog at home! Get him a great dog seat cover, and he’ll be the best boy ever. But what makes a dog seat cover good? Have an eye out for:


Always ensure that the size of the seat cover you order is commensurate with the size of your dog. If you get a small one, then a large dog like a golden retriever might have his rear legs on the cover, but his front paws would be on the leather, and that defeats the purpose of the seat! So, pick a large size for big dogs and a small one for smaller breeds.

Waterproof and Multi-layering:

Dogs tend to salivate, and so do cats sometimes. Also, when they eat, they may spill liquid on the leather seats, so it’s important that you pick a fully waterproof dog car seat. If it’s not waterproof, it’s useless! Look out for multiple layers of construction on the car seat.

Cushioning and comfort:

Some dog seat covers for leather seats are either padded or cushioned so the dogs can have a comfortable nap on them. However, the quilting sometimes lets water seep through, so some brands design them without quilts.

In my opinion, cushioning doesn’t make much of a difference as the leather seats are already quite comfortable. But if your dog is used to a dog bed or foam, then get the padded ones.

Easy Installation:

Get a dog seat cover that doesn’t have a glut of bells and whistles and a complicated instructions manual! It’s just a seat cover, so you’ll want to get one that takes hardly a minute to install, so set-up doesn’t consume useful time.


Some brands make seat covers that have a hammock and also the same models without the hammock. For example, 4Knines introduced a hammock-less and with-hammock version of the same dog car seat cover. However, some brands offer a convertible seat cover meaning that the same dog seat cover can be used both as a seat cover and also as a hammock so you can remove the hammock if you don’t need it.

Fastening and Balance:

A great car seat cover should not move and will remain in place. Look for covers with fasteners and adjustment items that will help to adjust the car seat and not make your car seat uncomfortable and wobbly for your pet so they can maintain their balance.

Additional Features:

Additional features like a mesh see-through between the front and back seats are also important so that the dog can see you and not get frightened. You can also get seat covers with pockets and other amenities.


How Can I protect my leather car seats from my dogs?

A dog seat cover, a water bottle dispenser, a dog seat belt, and a leather protectant spray can all help to protect your leather seats from your pets.

Dog seat covers can help you have a more enjoyable car ride pet by saving you time washing your seats because all the dirt will stick to the seat cover instead! We suggest using a pet seat cover that has a hammock to avoid direct interaction of the dog with the flooring and seat upholstery. If your dog throws up or comes in the car with wet paws, all you have to do is detach the seat cover and wipe it.

How Can I protect my leather car seats from my dogs

You won’t have to worry about lingering smells or cleaning all the time as the washable seat covers will. Your vehicle seat’s fabric is just not built to keep your dog in position, and he’ll constantly be wobbling, but Pet seat coverings are created to keep your dog safe and secure in their seat.

One technique to preserve your leather car seat from your dog is to use a leather protectant. A leather protectant will provide additional strata of security for the leather seats and prevent the oils and dirt in your dog’s paw from harming the seats.

A dog seat belt is also useful as it helps the dog stay put for the duration of the journey. Dogs also cause damage to seats when they’re thirsty. Luckily, you can give your pet liquid without dropping it on your leather car seats through a dispenser, and they’ll stay quiet and happy while without harming your upholstery.

Are Car Seat Covers Bad for Leather Seats?

Leather seats are not harmed by vehicle seat coverings. Seat coverings have a beneficial effect on your automobile seats, maintaining them and allowing your vehicle to retain its worth for a longer amount of time. Many people will not be as concerned if the seat coverings are ruined because they are easy to replace.

Seat coverings are used by car owners to protect their leather interior, and they do more than merely protect the leather from pets. You can even use a seat cover to keep your leather seats protected from the sun’s UV rays. 

Some of you might be concerned about the dye from the car seat covers getting stuck to the leather seat, and a color transfer might occur to ruin the seats. However, there are good quality dog seat covers for leather seats available that are made of colorfast material and don’t include any AZO-dyes so that your leather seats remain safe. All you have to do now is choose the right seat cover!

Are leather seat covers worth it?

Are leather seat covers worth it

When it comes to seat covers, you have the option to choose between leather and cloth/fabric seats. Now, if you’re on a budget and are looking for more cost-effective seat covers, then sure you can go for cloth. But leather seat covers have their own charm!

Firstly, if you’re a lover of luxury or aesthetics (or even just a car fanatic), your mind will always spin towards those sleek and deluxe leather seat covers. Even though leather is quite costly as compared to fabric, it takes your car’s interior to a different level of aesthetics! The interior will look modern and loaded with splendor. The grandeur alone is a reason that leather is pretty much worth it.

Leather is made up of animal hides (mainly cowhides), and these are costly materials. The hides are chemically treated and enhanced in appearance to give a luxury appeal, so it is necessary that you protect leather seats with seat covers.

Leather seat covers protect your car seats from harm by preventing depreciation. Your leather and fabric seats will be protected with leather seat coverings, and they’ll prove that they are absolutely worth it. Giving great protection against dirt, dander, grime, debris, food, water, and other messes are kept at bay by a good quality pet seat covers. Inexpensive covers might retain moisture if beverages are spilled on them, actually damaging to the cloth upholstery below.

For the ultimate security, consider coverings that are water-resistant and impermeable to fluids for the best protection. Some leather and synthetic leather seat coverings are more robust than some others. The durability depends on the kind and number of layers used in the leather seat cover. The best ones have multiple layers. Examine the stitching, buckles, Velcro, and elastic to make sure they’re of high quality.

How do you get seat covers to stay on leather seats?

A lot of people don’t use their leather seat covers that frequently because they keep sliding and slipping down, and getting them to stay put is a hassle in itself. But that may be either because you aren’t installing the seat cover properly, or your seat cover might be made of substandard components like dysfunctional Velcro straps and poor elastic.

You can prevent poor components by doing proper research into the best dog seat covers for leather seats and picking only the best. 

Anyways, most leather car seats are universally sized, so they’ll fit almost any vehicle. The trick here is to adjust them in a way that suits the size of your car. If you get it set without wrinkles and without a sunk-in hammock, it means you’re doing it right!

Make sure all the loops and hooks are well secured and not loose. Aligning the Velcro properly will solve all your problems. But usually, if you’ve got a good seat cover, it won’t slide off as the good components won’t allow it to.

How do I stop my dog from scratching my leather seats?

Well, I think that by now, the answer is pretty obvious: Get leather car seat covers! Sadly, your dog’s claws can tear and scratch leather car seats quite readily, which is why it is critical to clip your pet’s nails on a continuous basis. Setting up the dog hammock on your rear seat is the greatest method to safeguard your car interior from your pet.

This will keep your dog from clawing the upholstery of your car, creating a mess, salivating, spilling food, and shedding hair all over the place. Use a car side door cover, boot protection, or a dog booster seat as a substitute if your dog doesn’t like a seat cover.  

How do I stop my dog from scratching my leather seats

 Another technique to protect your car is to use a car leash and dog seat belt to keep your dog from roaming about in the car while you’re driving. You don’t want to be distracted while driving since it might result in an accident! A strong clip-on strip of fabric that fits over the side doors can also be used to safeguard your car’s seats and sides.

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