Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers – Buyers Guide

Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks!

Heavy duty dog clippers are exactly what you need if you have a large dog with a lot of fur. In this review, we will tell you how the best heavy duty clippers for dogs differ from regular ones, which factors there are to compare, and where to get the highest quality product.

If you are looking for a powerful set of dog clippers that are able to cut through thick coats, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be reviewing the best heavy duty dog clippers available on

Finding the best heavy duty dog clippers can be challenging. There are many options to choose from, and it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you and your dog.

But keeping your dog’s coat healthy and strong doesn’t have to be difficult. It just needs a quality pair of clippers that will stay sharp for longer, and provide a smooth grooming experience every time.

Here is our guide to choosing the best heavy duty dog clippers. We’ve reviewed five top rated products currently available on the market based on performance-price ratio, durability, ease of use, and other crucial factors!

Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

1. Best Overall – Andis UtraEdge Super Detachable Blade Clipper

Product Overview

When it comes to grooming, the Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper set stands alone. This innovative clipper is designed to give professional results with greater comfort and ease. With an ergonomic design and a stronger motor, the clipper runs cooler and quieter than anything on the market today.

Designed for both professional and home grooming, these high-speed clippers are equipped with a powerful, high-torque motor designed especially for dog grooming. The ultra-sharp blades glide through coats smoothly and quickly, providing a precise cut every time.

The UltraEdge Super, Andis dog clippers are their most versatile clipper for professional pet grooming. With high and low speeds, the super blades glide smoothly through long or thick coats and wider clipping areas. The high-torque motor design and powerful transmission will cut through all coat types and textures.

At low speed, it will easily cut fine hair even on large animals and can be used to fade and blend light coats. At high speed, it cuts heavy coats smoothly without pulling or tearing and works great for matted dogs. The 2 speeds run at 3,400 strokes per minute on low and 4,400 on the high setting.

These clippers are built to last and feature a shatter-proof housing and a 14′ heavy-duty cord for ease of movement around animals and equipment.

The Andis Proclip AGC2 offers a cool-running fan and vent-free design that gives you the control you need with uninterrupted power. The locking switch ensures that the clipper will not accidentally shut off while in use.

Any professional knows that a quality, sharp blade is the foundation of a perfectly groomed animal. That’s why Andis has built this clipper to work with all UltraEdge, CeramicEdge,, and ShowEdge blades – the largest selection in the industry. It also works with Oster A-5 style blades (all sold separately).


  • Detachable Blades
  • Includes a Size 10 UltraEdge Blade
  • 2 Speed Motor
  • Easily Cuts Thick Coats
  • 14′ heavy-duty cord
  • Shatter-proof housing


The UltraEdge Super grooming clipper has the power you need to put a professional finish on your work. This tool uses a powerful rotary motor that delivers more cutting force than comparable clippers. And with easy blade changes, minimized vibration, and a broad range of blades available, you are ready for the toughest of grooming tasks!

2. Best Runner Up – Wahl KM10 Professional Powerful Dog Clippers

Product Overview

Lightweight, comfortable clippers with superior cutting performance, the Wahl Professional KM10 is a premier 2-speed, corded clipper. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, and easily controlled with its 2-speed lever to clip or trim at your desired speed. As a body grooming tool, this clipper is ideal due to its smooth operation, low blade heat-up, lightweight and powerful cutting strength.

The powerful yet lightweight brushless motor provides a faster cutting action which reduces cutting time and heat build-up. In tough situations, the Constant Speed Control function automatically delivers greater power and torque. This clipper leaves no snags and requires less cleaning for a healthier-looking, more vibrant haircut.

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Designed with a rounded front housing to help prevent hair clogging, the KM10 is backed by a 5-year professional warranty that ensures your investment will last a long time.


  • 2 Speed Brushless Motor (3,000 & 3,700 SPM)
  • Lightweight
  • 14ft Cord
  • Includes Wahl’s #10 Ultimate Competition Series Blade
  • 5-year professional warranty


While other models out there promise to be Berry clippers, only Wahl KM10 Brushless 2-Speed Professional Berry Clipper really delivers. The powerful motor of the Wahl heavy duty dog clippers ensures you’re cutting at optimal speed, and the 5-year professional warranty gives you the peace of mind you are buying a quality product.

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3. Best heavy duty dog clippers for matted hair – Oster A5 Turbo 2 Speed Dog Clippers

Product Overview

Clip your dog with ease. The Oster Turbo A5 pet clipper is a powerful and durable professional-quality trimmer for dogs. It features high-speed and low-speed settings (3000 & 4000 SPM). Low speed for precision cuts over sensitive areas and high speed to trim through thick fur – perfect for an entire body shave down.  

There are a wide variety of attachments available to ensure any grooming needs can be met.

Oster knows that Groomers need to be productive. That is why they offer such great products at a very affordable price. The A5 Turbo Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper is perfect for the professional Groomer or a growing grooming business looking to grow with this incredible value, quality product.

Blade changes are quick and straightforward using the detachable A5 blade mechanism. This powerful clipper is durable, lightweight, easy to use, and runs quietly for a smooth grooming experience.


  • Powerful Motor
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Impact resistant Construction
  • Suitable for All Coat Types
  • 10ft Cord
  • Includes #10 Cryogen Blade


Pet groomers who are familiar with the A5 Turbo Oster dog clippers know that great tools don’t have to be expensive. The A5 Turbo delivers the same professional performance and quality at a more affordable price.

4. Best Cordless – Holdog Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Dog Clippers

Product Overview

The Holdog Dog Grooming Clippers are designed for professional dog groomers, they are used to cut dog hair effectively and easily. With the LCD display, the battery level and speed indicator can be easily seen. The clippers have 3-speed adjustment and provide smooth cutting.

The 2200mAh Li-ion battery is charged using the included USB cable and 3hrs of charging will provide 3 – 4hrs of clipping, plenty of time to give your pooch a haircut.

Built with a powerful rotary motor, stable & steady control, it provides substantial power and speed to do the job right without producing additional heat or noise. Aimed at professional groomers or long-term pet owners, these functional and reliable dog hair clippers deliver smooth silky cuts all in one package.


  • Detachable Titanium-ceramic Blade
  • Low Vibration & Low Noise
  • Powerful 3 Speed Rotary Motor
  • 2200mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Stainless Steel Scissors & Other Accessories Included


These pet clippers are lightweight, portable, and can be used in professional grooming salons as well as at home. The Holdog heavy duty dog grooming set offers fantastic value for money and has many 5-star reviews from happy customers on

5. Best Budget – Domipet Professional Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit

Product Overview

The DomipetPet dog clipper provides the power and durability to groom and takes care of any coat type, whether it’s wiry, matted, or double-coated. It is very easy to operate and control and anyone can use it even if you have never groomed a dog before.

Domipet professional dog clipper is designed for professional pet grooming for removing loose hair, trimming, and cutting coats. It uses a powerful rechargeable battery, with 2 speeds, a lightweight design, and adjustable taper control that is essential for completing the clipping jobs.

Cleaning the clippers is easy thanks to the Waterproof casing and the 2000mAh rechargeable battery will provide 150 minutes of grooming on a 2.5hr charge.

No products found.

This complete grooming kit includes the rechargeable dog clipper, a detachable ceramic blade that stays sharp for longer and it also includes 6 guide combs, 1 metal comb, steel scissors, a cleaning brush, and lubricating oil. This kit will help you to properly groom your pet so that they stay looking their best!

No products found.


  • Rechargeable
  • Low Sound & Vibration
  • Ceramic Blades
  • Waterproof
  • LED Display
  • 1-Year Warranty


This pet clipper is powerful enough to handle even the toughest coats, a breeze to maintain, and has the lowest price available.

No products found.

6. Additional Products – Kingstar Professional Dog Grooming Scissor Set

Product Overview

The Kingstar 7” Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors are specially designed for use by professional groomers. Their convex arc design creates an edge that’s sharper and more durable than most professional-grade scissors on the market.

These dog grooming scissors are built for experienced groomers or for those of us who demand the very best.

Specially designed curved blade for the most flexible performance and comfort. The blades are made from premium grade, high carbon stainless steel and they are precision sharpened by hand, to a razor’s edge. If you want an outstanding scissor set that will last a lifetime, you’ve found it!

Set Includes:

  • 1 straight scissors
  • 1 thinning scissors
  • 1 up-curved scissors
  • 1 down-curved scissors
  • 1 zipper case
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • 1 Scissor Adjuster Key

7. Additional Products – Maxpower Dematting Undercoat Rake

Product Overview

Ever want to give your pet a good grooming, but the fur is too tough? Look no further!

Designed for serious dematting and grooming pets with long, thick, or matted hair. Features 9 teeth on one side and 17 teeth on the opposite side.

This pet grooming brush has sharpened but fine rounded teeth, allowing you to easily and safely remove mats, tangles, knots, and loose hair without irritation or scratching.

Lightweight and portable with a non-slip rubber handle, designed to be ergonomic for comfortable handheld use.

This is a great gift for anybody who has animals.

8. Additional Products – TropiClean Tangle Remover Spray

Product Overview

Tangle Remover Spray for Pets is a quick way to remove tangles, knots, and mats from your pet to help speed up brushing time. The ready-to-use, no-rinse natural formula is alcohol-free, dye-free, and paraben-free and it won’t leave your pet with that greasy residue pets hate.

When used as indicated on dogs and puppies aged 12 weeks and older on a daily basis, it is safe and does not interfere with spot-on treatments.

By holding and replenishing moisture, it helps to minimize frizz and static, leaving the coat smooth and glossy.

Made with a floral scent that is especially gentle on your pet’s nose, it works great for removing unsightly tangles from your pup’s hair.


Shopping for some heavy duty dog clippers can be a confusing experience, but we hope that our top five buyers guide to the best heavy duty dog clippers helped you find and make a decision about what products are best for you and your dog.

A better clipper will make all the difference in how well your dog gets clipped, and ensure that both of you enjoy the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What dog clippers do professionals use?

Professional dog groomers all have one tool in common; the high-powered heavy-duty dog clippers for matted hair they use, which also need to tidy up cuticles, feet pads, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Clipper options are plentiful though, so which is best for you? After hours of research, I’ve found you the best heavy-duty dog clippers on the market. Not all of these top-quality clippers are budget-friendly, but the best normally comes with a premium price tag.

What brand of dog clippers is the best?

Two of the top brands in clippers are Andis and Wahl.

There are many reasons why they are the best, some being because they are extremely well built, reliable, last a long time, and cut well. Not only do they cut hair well but they also safely cut hair close to the skin, which is important in dog grooming.

They also come with excellent warranties.

How do dog grooming clippers differ from human clippers?

If you are considering buying dog grooming clippers, then you might be confused by all of the models available and wondering what makes dog grooming clippers different from human clippers.

The thick hair of a dog is much coarser than a human and therefore requires a more powerful clipper.

Compared to human clippers, dog clippers need to be more powerful. The blade on dog grooming clippers is usually wider and thicker than human clippers. The handle is also larger to accommodate for the thicker blades compared to human clippers.

Professional dog grooming clippers are designed to cut through the thickest coat. These high-powered clippers require more power and torque to ensure a smooth clip without damaging the hair follicle. These clippers also come with a much longer lead.

Professional dog grooming clippers are made to withstand the constant use and hard scraping of rough ‘dogs’ coats. The teeth on a dog grooming clipper are much wider apart and therefore less likely to get clogged up with hair than if you tried clipping a dog’s coat with human clippers; they simply aren’t made for such hard work.

Can I use Heavy duty dog clippers for thick or matted hair?

Professional, heavy-duty dog clippers can cut through even the thickest, matted fur and result in a well-groomed pooch.

The powerful, quiet motors in these clippers are combined with extensive high precision steel parts and engineered for daily use by professional dog groomers.

However, it would make trimming much easier if you washed your dog and used a tangle remover spray like the one mentioned above from Tropiclean.  

Can I use human hair clippers on a dog?

No, human hair clippers are not designed for use on animals. They are designed to clip only human hair.

If you try to use human hair clippers on a dog you are very likely to damage the clippers and/or injure the dog. So please don’t use human hair clippers on a dog or any other animal.

Is it easier to cut dog hair wet or dry?

If you wash your dog and allow him to air dry completely before clipping, you will find that the clipper blade glides more easily through the hair.

This way, you will be able to get a closer cut with fewer passes of the blade over the same area. Fewer passes mean less chance for irritation, less chance for snagging on a mat or undercoat, but also allow you more precision in your trimming work.

A quick wash using some quality dog shampoo and TropiClean tangle remover will both clean and deodorize your pet. This will also improve your chances of achieving a nice, neat haircut.

What dog clipper blades are good for grooming?

There are many types of clipper blades for dog grooming. They can be general-purpose or specific to the coat type you are grooming. The most common type is a #10 which is the blade most professional clippers come with.

Andis and Wahl have many clipper blades to choose from in order to keep your dog looking its best.

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