We love helping owners of dogs & adorable puppies understand which human foods for dogs are safe and healthy for them to eat as well as which human foods are unhealthy and even toxic to our beloved dogs.

Here, you will also find our product reviews an a wide range of dog accessories.

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This page is all about helping dogs and their owners enjoy a happy and healthy life together. This website was setup to provide dog owners and lovers a place to find helpful tips, tricks, reviews, information and get any questions answered. Including, which human foods are safe for dogs to consume, including any health benefits.

Here, you will also find articles on human foods which are unsafe for dogs and what the health risks are, if your dog does consume these foods.

We are constantly blogging and adding new content, tips, tricks and product reviews. So please bookmark us and keep coming back for more great articles and to find out what we have been blogging about.

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This is our main blog page. Here you will find all of the articles we have written so far to date, many of which relate to human foods for dogs, with the most recent articles being at the top.

For many of us, a dog isn’t just a dog, but a loving, loyal companion and above all, family!

This blog site was set up with the goal of helping new and veteran dog owners, live as happy and healthy a life together as possible. 

Within the articles of this site, their are affiliate links which help to keep this site running. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.


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