Can Dogs Have Cinnamon? Healthy Or Forbidden?

Can dogs have cinnamon

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon?

Do you like to make homemade meals for your dog? Or maybe like to bake treats for your little four-legged friend?

If so, then you may have wondered: Can dogs have cinnamon?

If you have, then the short answer is YES! Because the good news is, Ceylon Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs. Unless your dog ingests a lot of it. In which case, you should speak with your vet about what the right amount would be for your pup, and whether they think it is a good idea to give it them. I will go over the bad points of too much cinnamon later in this post.

Types of Cinnamon

There are two types of cinnamon but your pup can only have one of them. There is Ceylon Cinnamon, which is low in coumarin and is non-toxic to dogs. And there is Cassia, or Chinese Cinnamon, which has much higher levels of coumarin, therefore, neither puppies nor adult dogs should have it.

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Benefits of dogs having cinnamon

heart health

Heart Health

There have been studies that found dogs that consume cinnamon improves dogs’ heart rate. Tests have been carried out which indicated it significantly lowers systolic blood pressure and heart rate compared with those that did not consume cinnamon.

Elderly Dog


Having anti-inflammatory properties helps to reduce swelling, relieve arthritis, soothes muscle pain, and combats symptoms of various infectious and inflammatory diseases. Ideal for elderly dogs which suffer from arthritis.

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dog brain function

Brain Function

Being high in antioxidants, cinnamon can help to improve your dog’s brain development and improve their cognition, motor function and helps to protect dopamine production, helping your pup stay alert and healthier for longer.

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Has many essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D. As well as Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium to maintain a healthy immune system as well as strong bones and teeth. 

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Blood Sugar Levels

Increases insulin resistance and helps to regulate blood sugar levels, particularly helpful for dogs that are diabetic or for helping overweight/obese dogs which are at high risk of contracting diabetes. Speak to your vet about a diet plan which can incorporate cinnamon for its therapeutic effect. 

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Combats Candida Albicans, which is the fungus that causes yeast infections, dogs are more susceptible to yeast infections if they have allergies.

dog oral hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Having antibacterial properties, cinnamon helps to fight tooth decay, mouth sores/infections and helps to improve your pup’s breath.

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Cinnamon in treats

A small amount of cinnamon in baked treats you buy for yourself won’t harm your dog. But other ingredients in them might. These ingredients may include sugar, nutmeg, chocolate, raisins, and some nuts. So, always stick to cinnamon treats specifically for dogs. Unless you are making them yourself and know all the ingredients are safe for dogs to consume. 

There is also the possibility of your dog being allergic to cinnamon. Because of this, keep an eye on your dog the first time you give your dog cinnamon, and don’t go giving your dog too much cinnamon, as this may lead to an upset stomach.

Also, too many baked treats aren’t a great idea, as they will more than likely be high in sugar and fat. Too many calories will lead to weight gain, which will lead to obesity and diabetes. Make sure if you do treat your dog to baked treats, they don’t contain xylitol, which is a very toxic sweetener to dogs.

Is cinnamon safe for dogs

If Your Dog Ate A Lot Of Cinnamon

Even though cinnamon isn’t toxic to dogs, it can have too much and if they do, the side effects could be very uncomfortable for your dog. Speak with your veterinarian as soon as you can regarding any suggestions to help your dog recover from any possible side effects.

In the meantime, it may be a good idea to make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink, while you call the veterinarian.

Experts believe any amount of cinnamon over 1 teaspoon of powder can cause problems for dogs; however, this will also depend on the weight of your dog. Smaller dogs will need to have less and larger dogs may be able to have more. This is why it is recommended you speak with your vet regarding quantities for your dog.

Large amounts of spice can cause diarrhea, vomiting, low blood sugar, liver disease, and changes in heart rate.

If your dog manages to inhale powdered cinnamon, speak to your veterinarian as soon as possible. As this can result in difficulty in breathing, coughing, choking, and bronchospasm. Therefore, it is best, to always make sure you keep your spices well out of your dog’s reach.

Let any house guests know not to give human food to your dog as they may not know which foods are safe, and which foods are not.

Negatives of cinnamon

Cinnamon is an antigen and a potent one. And the most common negative effect of cinnamon is irritation and sensitization. Dogs that are regularly exposed to the spice can begin to get redness in their mouths, become irritated, and even get blisters.

can dogs eat nutmeg

Cinnamon VS Nutmeg

You may think that if your dog can have cinnamon, they can also have Nutmeg, but you would be WRONG! Nutmeg contains a toxin called Myristicin. Large amounts of nutmeg can cause dry mouth, stomach pain, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, hallucinations, disorientation, and seizures.

These symptoms can last for up to 48hrs.                 

A small amount of nutmeg such as in a cookie that your dog may snatch from your plate is unlikely to harm your dog. Although, call your veterinarian straight away if they consume a large amount.  


So, Can Dogs Have Cinnamon?

Yes, they can, as long as it is Ceylon Cinnamon and given in the correct quantities.

It is not necessary to give your dog cinnamon, but if you eat the delicious spice yourself and want to share it with your dog, you can, but only give them it in small quantities and on an irregular basis. Or if you’re worried about giving them too much, maybe it is best to stick with dog biscuits that contain cinnamon and other dog-safe ingredients.

There are lots of dog-safe cinnamon recipes online or recipes books available which you can try.

As always, it would be best to speak with your veterinarian about the possible benefits and potential risks of adding this great-tasting spice into your pups’ diet.

(This article was written to the best of the writer’s knowledge and is not meant to replace or substitute professional medical veterinary advice in any way and should not be used as such).

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