Can Dogs have Orange Juice? Know What to Avoid!

Can Dogs Have Orange Juice

Can Dogs Have Orange Juice?

We all know how healthy and nutritious orange juice is! A glass of orange juice can make your day. What about our four-legged friends? Can dogs drink orange juice? Is this refreshing drink safe for them?

The short answer to the above questions is YES, but it is not recommended to supplement your dog’s diet with orange juice.

As avid pet owners, we love to share our meals and beverages with our eating companions. But before feeding them anything, it is better to know which drink suits their health. For instance, although a rich source of Vitamin C, orange juice might not be equally beneficial for pups.

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Should I Give OJ To My Pooch?

You can give them a few sips as an occasional treat. However, frequent use of this tantalizing drink can create trouble. The nutritional requirements of dogs are totally different from human beings. A nutrient-rich dog diet is one that fulfills the daily food requirements.

But when it comes to orange juice, pet nutritionists never recommend this addition to the dog’s eating routine. There are no such additional benefits of orange juice for dogs. In fact, dogs can make their own Vitamin C.

Is Orange Juice Safe For Dogs?

Orange juice is not harmful if given in moderation. Still, vets and other pet health professionals ask pet owners to limit their use. Many of us think that plain water is a boring drink for dogs, and to make them tasty, we add orange juice to their drinking regime.

Remember, OJ does not aid in hydration. It might do wonders for humans, but it has zero effect on a dog’s immune system. Even if your dog is sick or unable to produce vitamin C on its own, never use orange juice. Vitamin C supplements can do the job.

Orange juice is a sugary beverage and can be problematic for dogs dealing with diabetes. Moreover, propylene glycol, a non-toxic substance found in orange juice, makes it hard to digest it properly.

Is Orange Juice Too Acidic For My Pet?

Okay! Orange juice is packed with nutrients and vitamins, but it can still damage your pet’s health. Due to the high concentration of citric acid, the drink can lead to a stomach upset. The sugar level is also present in high quantities.

Did you know that a blend of both these factors can result in the loss of enamel from the pooch’s jaws and cause stomachaches? The acidity can also lead to a burning sensation in the excretory tract. The stool becomes too acidic for the dog to handle.

How Much Orange Juice Can Dogs Drink?

Orange juice is a yummy treat for most dogs. Make sure you allow them to drink only in smaller sips. If you buy it from the market, read the ingredients behind the product. Producers add a lot of additives, other than just water and orange juice, to give it more taste and a feeling of joy.

Most dogs are quite happy to drink orange juice. However, some unlucky canines may be allergic to citric acid. They may show symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach complication. If this occurs, consult your veterinarian.

Keeping in mind the above consequences, it is not advisable to give OJ to your dogs. Consuming too much orange juice or making them a part of the daily diet can be life-threatening for them.

Healthy Alternatives

An ideal way to limit orange juice is to replace them with other nutritious fruit, like bananas, pineapple, or blueberries. The juicy fruits will not only keep their tails wagging, but they also have health impacts on the dog’s body. Baby carrots or small bites of apples are a great add-on to your pet’s plate.

Fresh Water, the Best Option!

Leave your dog in the wild and see what it finds first; a glass of water or a fascinating jug of orange juice. Of course, they will prefer H2O and they will fill their tummies with it.

Water surpasses orange juice in terms of body requirements, hydration, and essential nutrients. Dogs are more attracted to freshwater rather than the bright-colored glass of orange juice!

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