Top 20 Best Dog Puzzle Toys & Dog Puzzle Games

best dog puzzle toys

Dog Puzzle Toys & Dog Puzzle Games

Dog puzzle toys are great for when you have to leave your dog home alone. Not only do they offer them the mental stimulation which they need, but it reduces the likelihood of them chewing on the furniture. Obviously, you can’t beat being there and playing with your dog yourself, but an interactive dog toy or dog puzzle feeder are excellent when you can’t.

Below, you will find some of the best dog puzzle toys and puzzle treat toys for dogs on the market.


1. Puzzle Feeder

This slow feeder from Outward Hound has 4.7/5 stars from an amazing 27k+ reviews on Amazon.

These bowls come in different sizes, colors, and patterns and are fairly inexpensive.

Slow feeders are great at doing just that, slowing dogs down when they’re eating. Ideal for helping to prevent dogs from getting bloat. Some dogs are at higher risk of getting bloat than others, one such breed is the Dobermann Pincher, which is the breed of dog we have!

2. Lick Bowl

Another great slow feeder, this time in the form of a lick bowl. I love the fact this bowl has a suction base to keep it in place.

This great lick bowl has 4.4/5 stars from just 53 reviews, but I think this is great lick bowl.

These bowls are dishwasher safe and can even be put in the freezer. Again, these bowls are very affordable and well worth the money.

3. Kong Dog Puzzle Toys

Classic Kong toys can be chewed, chased, stuffed with treats and even frozen. The classic Kong is suitable for average chewing dogs with other sizes available. There are pink or pale blue Kong’s for puppies, purple Kong’s are for older dogs and black Kong’s for dogs with a stronger bite.

With 4.6/5 stars from over 25k reviews, there’s a lot of people that love Kong’s.

You can find a great selection of Kong treats HERE!

4. Kong Interactive Dog Toy

The Kong Wobbler is a great dog puzzle toy feeder, they are great for keeping your pooch entertained while preventing them from eating too quickly. It is easy to fill and is dishwasher safe.

The Kong Wobbler has 4.5/5 stars from over 5k reviews on Amazon.


Puppy and Small Dog Ultra Pack – $89.15

Retail Price: $104.88
You Save: $15.73

5. Easy Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

Dog puzzle toys don’t get much easier than this, this interactive puzzle toy is a great starting point for a new puppy.

The Nina Ottosson interactive puzzle toys have great reviews on Amazon.

6. Easy Dog Food Puzzle Feeder

Another great dog puzzle toy for beginners from Nina Ottosson.

7. Easy Treat Puzzles for Dogs

Gambling Tower by Trixie Pet Products is a Level 1 (Easy) puzzle toy for dogs. A treat is released when your dog pulls on the rope loop, allowing the treat to drop to the bottom and out of the tube. There are also 3 cones at the base under which a treat can be hidden.

8. Intermediate Dog Puzzle Games

Great for relieving boredom, this hide and slide dog toy is great for keeping your dogs mind active.

You can check out more dog puzzle toys by Nina Ottosson by clicking HERE!

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9. Intermediate Dog Food Puzzle

Dog Brick by Nina Ottosson provides interactive fun for your dog as they have to find, flip & slide to get to the hidden treats.

10. Intermediate Treat Puzzles for Dogs

Flip Board by Trixie Pet Products is a Level 2 (Intermediate) dog interactive toy. The flip board requires dogs to slide disks to the side, flip lids using knobs and lifting cones.

The Flip Board has been designed specifically for small dogs.

11. Advanced Dog Puzzle Toys

Casino from Nina Ottosson is a more advanced dog puzzle toy. Dogs have to learn sequential steps to get to the hidden treats. A great toy which teaches dogs to solve problems.

12. Advanced Puzzle Toys for Dogs

Challenge Slider is another advanced interactive puzzle toy which requires your pooch to slide the tiles one at a time to uncover the kibble or treats underneath.

The Nina Ottosson interactive dog toys have thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

13. Advanced Treat Puzzles for Small Dogs

Mini Mover by Trixie Pet Products is a Level 3 (Advanced) dog interactive toy which is great for smaller dogs which find the level 1 & level 2 puzzles too easy. Your dog will release treats by moving sliders, lifting cones, moving knobs and pulling rope.

Interactive puzzle toys for dogs by Trixie Pet Products have well over 14k reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

14. Expert Challenging Dog Toys

Multipuzzle is a really challenging dog puzzle which requires your pooch to complete a number of steps to release a treat. If you have a really smart dog and they are easily completing the Easy, Intermediate and Advanced puzzle games, then maybe its time to really test their intelligence with the Multipuzzle from Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound.

15. Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The West Paw Zogoflex Toppl treat dispensing dog toy is great for keeping dogs busy and entertained. Fill the toy with treats or kibble and watch them play with this mentally stimulating dog toy. Once all the treats are gone, this toy can then continue to be used to play fetch.

This chew toy has excellent reviews on Amazon, with 4.5/5 stars from 1300+ reviews.

The only downside is, you have to buy the two different sizes separately, which does make this toy quite expensive.   

16. Puzzle Blanket/Snuffle Mat

Hide treats within the mat and get their nose and brain stimulated hunting for the food. Snuffle mats slow down the speed of their eating as well as distracting them from any destructive behavior by avoiding your pooch from becoming bored.

This mat is 22inches x 16inches and is available in six different colors: Yellow-Grey, Green-Red, Grey, Red-Grey, Yellow-Blue and Yellow-Red.

The Pet Snuffle Mat from Yinxue has 4.5 stars out of 5 from 400+ reviews.


Reward Triple Pack 4 Oz – $25.47

Retail Price: $29.97
You Save: $4.50

17. Wooly Snuffle Mat

The Wooly Snuffle Mat by PAW5 is suitable for any breed, age and size of dog. Snuffle mats require no initial training on your part to show your dog what to do, their natural instincts will kick in and they will love sniffing out their treats or kibble.

The PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat has 4.4/5 star from more than 1300 reviews on Amazon.

This product is machine washable and is handmade from a mixture of virgin and upcycled materials.

18. Spin-a-Bone Interactive Dog Toy

The Spin-a-Bone from Bullibone is a simple idea but dogs really seem to love it. Advertised as being indestructible makes them ideal for large, aggressive chewers, relieving anxiety and boredom.

They come in regular or jumbo size, plus, infused with a choice of two flavors which are Bacon or Peanut Butter and help to clean your pooch’s teeth while also massaging their gums for better oral health.

Spin-a-Bone has 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

19. Treat Dispensing Dog Chew

Tux from West Paw is a really durable treat dispensing dog toy ideal for tough chewers. They have a hollow center which can be stuffed with kibble, biscuits or even peanut butter. Once empty, the fun can continue, as it can be used as a fetch toy, as they float, bounce and are great for your dog no gnaw on.

The Tux has amazing reviews on Amazon with 4.4 stars out of 5 from over 2,700 reviews.

20. Treat Holding Toy

The PetSafe Busy Buddy Jack is a dog toy which holds a treat ring within the toy, keeping you dog busy and mentally stimulated while trying to get to the treat. The Busy Buddy comes in Small (dogs 8 – 20lb), Medium (dogs 20 – 50lb) and Large (dogs over 50lb).

The Busy Buddy Jack toy from PetSafe has 4.4/5 stars from over 1,000 reviews.


It can be seriously exhausting owning a high energy dog at times and this is where dog puzzle toys come in really handy. I believe the best puzzle toys for dogs involve your pup getting a treat once they have completed the puzzle.

Most dogs love to work for their food, sniffing around and searching for their food is far better than just sticking their dinner in a boring bowl.

Dog puzzle toys are very good at reducing destructive and anxious behaviour in dogs; however, you shouldn’t just give them the puzzle toy and leave them to get on with it. Your dog will love for you to be involved with the play, which will also help with their mental health and behaviour in general.

Also, remember not to over feed your dog, stick to the 10 percent rule.

Thank you for reading this article on my choice of the best dog puzzle toys, I hope you found some which you like, and maybe some you already have!

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