Discover the 20 best and most expensive dog collars of 2021

most expensive dog collars

The dog collar is a very necessary accessory when we bring a new dog home as once our dog has all his vaccinations, we must take him outside to do physical activity and more.

But these collars are not only a rope around his neck, they must be resistant, durable, soft, and comfortable because it is an indispensable garment for the furry ones.

And why not? They must be eye-catching, elegant, or with a design that makes our dog stand out and look great.

The expensive designer leather collars and studded dog collars from Bestia brand are very attractive and add a lot of personality to your dog making them stand out from the crowd.

Keep in mind

  • There are dog collars of different functions and materials; some are for daily use, and others are for training and correction only.
  • The size and fit of the dog collar determine its safety and comfort.
  • Always make sure it is loose-fitting, soft, and padded, especially on the inside where it will be in contact with your dog’s coat.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks!

Bestia Eros Padded Dog Collar

Bestia Eros Padded Dog Collar

Bestia Aztec Studded Leather Dog Collar

Bestia “Aztec” Studded Leather Dog Collar

Bestia Aztec Leather Dog Collar

Bestia “Aztec” Leather Dog Collar

20 most expensive dog collars!

So here we have collected the best, most eye-catching, luxurious, and most expensive dog collars that are definitely worth every penny.

1. Bestia Eros Padded Dog Collar

The Eros collar is one of the most expensive dog collars, belonging to the “exclusive” collection of the brand “Bestia”.

This is a collar with an attractive design that gives your dog a classic and dominant look, designed for big and strong dogs.

It is strong and durable, its base layer has a thickness of 4 mm made of the highest quality leather. With buffalo leather base layer and 100% Nappa lining and soft and orthopedic foam cushion.

2. Bestia “Aztec” Studded Leather Dog Collar

This “Aztec” collar is made of genuine leather, it is elegantly decorated with old silver-plated large and smaller bronze pyramid rivets. Inside it has a soft pigskin leather decoration and a massive metal clasp.

Intended for large dogs, it features 6 cm wide 100% buffalo leather, it is soft, thin, durable, strong, and comfortable for your dog.

Comes in different sizes and is adjustable, these types of leather are tanned to ensure that they are completely safe and without the use of heavy chemicals.

Bestia "Aztec" Studded Leather Dog Collar

3. Bestia “Aztec” Leather Dog Collar

This grey color necklace is made of a high-quality Italian belt leather base with soft pigskin and orthopedic foam inside.

It is decorated with antique rivets with large plates and smaller bronze pyramid rivets.

It fits perfectly with large breed dogs such as Rottweiler, Doberman, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, etc.

Not only does it have a stylish and eye-catching design, but it is also wide enough to fit large necks and soft enough to be comfortable.

Bestia "Aztec" Leather Dog Collar

4. Bestia “Bijou” Handmade Studded Dog Collar

This expensive dog collar has incredible attention to detail, it features a 6mm pink rhinestone and between 7 and 13 decorative rivets, depending on the size of collar.

It has 4 different sizes and a suitable width, perfect for dogs of any breed such as Labradors, French bulldogs, shepherds, terriers, and more as it wraps around their necks comfortably without pinching or chafing.

It is super comfortable but strong and resistant, definitely a collar that your dog can wear every day looking very elegant.

Bestia "Bijou" Handmade Studded Dog Collar

5. Bestia Screw Spikes Dog Collar

If your dog fits more with a bad boy tough look, this expensive dog collar with spikes is for him, and it is definitely worth all it offers.

It is made of 100% genuine full-grain leather with a 4 cm wide buckle and D-ring, handmade with steel wire, soft padding, and is double layered.

These dog collars have a unique design with metal parts in different colors like silver and gold, they will make your dog look impressive and extremely tough, ideal for big and muscular dogs.

Bestia Screw Spikes Dog Collar

6. Bestia “Silver Giant” Genuine Leather Dog Collar with Spikes

This expensive dog collar is a classic model of the Bestia brand and is the perfect gift for your furry friend, be it medium or large, and for any breed.

It has a collar size of 4 to 6cm made of high-quality white leather decorated with nickel plating, strong and durable silver-colored screw spikes, and an attractive orange border to create contrast.

Made with 100% genuine and soft leather, European handcrafted quality padding with attachment at the top of the collar.

Bestia "Silver Giant" Genuine Leather Dog Collar with Spikes

7. Bestia Dog Collar with Handle

This is an expensive dog collar with a sporty style ideal to better control your dog in training sessions. This collar will give you the confidence to have better handling of your dog and protect his neck.

It is thick, ultra-resistant stainless steel of 5 cm in matte black color. They are comfortable as they have a soft cushion inside and are waterproof, ideal for walks, sports, training, and more.

It comes in a variety of sizes, is adjustable, and can be machine washed without the need of a centrifuge process or any need for detergent.

Bestia Dog Collar with Handle

8. Bestia “Eros” Soft Leather Dog Collar

Beautifully crafted with the best 100% genuine leather, distinguished, soft, and thick, as well as durable.

It’s from Bestia’s “Exclusive” line, and it features two rivet models as well as exquisite and detailed handcrafted craftsmanship. The base layer is buffalo leather with a Nappa leather lining, with a 50-centimeter buckle and D-ring.

It is quite wide with a total of 6.3 cm, comes in different sizes, and is adjustable. It offers your dog comfort while walking without chafing or pinching.

8. Bestia "Eros" Soft Leather Dog Collar

9. Bestia Customizable Dog Collar

This collar has a double layer construction and leather inside and outside; it has a rough look decorated with 1 cm long spines and a D-ring.

It is durable, strong, and has different sizes and fittings so it is ideal for large breed dogs such as American bulldog, rottweiler, mastiffs, terriers, etc.

And the best part of this expensive dog collar is that you can personalize it! On its stainless steel plate, you can write the name of your dog, which will look like a stylish and original collar.

Bestia Customizable Dog Collar

10. Bestia “Balteus” Leather Studded Dog Collar

This expensive dog collar has a classic and sophisticated style decorated with antique and unique bronze pyramid rivets. All its metal parts are of excellent quality nickel plated in silver color.

It is 6 cm wide, has 3 layers of finest German belt leather, and a Nappa leather cushion inside, which makes it comfortable for your dog to wear.

It is durable and resistant, ideal for large and tough dog breeds, although you can find it in different adjustable sizes.

Bestia "Balteus" Leather Studded Dog Collar

11. Bestia “Gold Giant” Studded Leather Collar

This dog collar has an impressive and luxurious appearance that will give your dog a tough, but sophisticated touch. All its metal parts are brass plated; its golden spikes are solid and very strong.

It is made of 100% lambskin leather and has a width of 6 cm. It is high quality, resistant and durable.

It has a perfectly matched leash made with soft cushions and brass hardware of 1 meter long and 3 cm wide.

Bestia "Gold Giant" Studded Leather Collar

12. Bestia Blue Camo Sport Collar

This sports collar for dogs has ultra-strong hardware, brake load of over 1000 kg.

Your dog will feel free to move energetically and perform physical activities without chafing or pinching. It is extremely comfortable thanks to its soft padding ideal for exercise sessions, walks, training, and more.

Perfect fit, simple to put on and take off owing to the one-size-fits-all quick-release buckle.

It’s also water-resistant, simple to clean, and long-lasting.

Bestia Blue Camo Sport Collar

13. Bestia “Rocky” Leather Studded Collar

This stunning expensive dog collar is made of 100% genuine leather, high-quality studded with a massive look that will make your dog stand out.

Although its appearance is tough, this collar is quite light and soft at the same time thanks to its inner cushion.

This collar will resist all kinds of situations and will keep your dog’s neck protected. It is easily adjustable and you can get it in 3 different colors and different sizes.

Bestia "Rocky" Leather Studded Collar

14. Bestia “Balteus” Studded Leather Collar

This expensive dog collar is ideal if you have a large or giant dog as it is strong, durable, and will withstand all the activities your dog does while protecting its neck.

It features an impressive and high-quality design with 100% genuine leather, has 3 layers of finest German belted leather, and soft padding inside.

It is decorated with antique bronze pyramid rivets combined with brown and black colors that give your dog a classic and tough appearance, that will attract all the attention.

Bestia "Balteus" Studded Leather Collar

15. Bestia “Stud” Leather Dog Collar

The ideal “Stud” collar for large breeds.

Your dog will look amazing with this collar having a combined style between sophisticated and “bad dog” thanks to its three rows of 10 mm wide barrel-shaped nickel-plated studs.

This collar’s base is composed of 4 mm thick buffalo belt leather that is 100 percent genuine lamb leather of the finest quality.

This collar is 6 cm wide and has a sturdy buckle and a 3cm D-ring made of steel wires.

Bestia "Stud" Leather Dog Collar

16. Bestia “Maximus” Padded Leather Collar

If you are looking for a collar for your dog that looks luxurious, clean, and shiny then the Bestia Maximus Genuine is definitely the right collar for your dog.

This expensive dog collar has a beautiful white color design with large and small metal rivets and a gold color brass plating, as well as its lining and other finishes.

Made of 100% buffalo and lamb leather, which guarantees strength and durability as well as excellent comfort.

Bestia "Maximus" Padded Leather Collar

17. Bestia Customizable Leather Spiked Dog Collar

This is an expensive dog collar with a stainless-steel plate that is mounted with 12 mm long screw spikes and you can personalize it with the name of your dog! Something not only very useful but that will give it a touch of originality.

It uses a 4 mm thick black leather undercoat, it is a really attractive collar that suits large breed dogs very well, even if it looks heavy, it is light for a big dog and quite comfortable inside.

Bestia Customizable Leather Spiked Dog Collar

18. Bestia Padded Leather Collar with Studs

Bestia collars are made to last, they have a total width of 6.3 cm and this one is no exception, they are made of 100% buffalo leather and Nappa leather lining.

This particular collar is decorated with three rows of 10 mm wide nickel-plated studs.

It fits any breed of dog and you can get it in three varieties of colors (white, brown, and red) to choose the one that best suits your dog’s coat.

Bestia Padded Leather Collar with Studs

19. Bestia “Maximus” Leather Studded Collar

Elegant, regal, and with a classic style, this is how we can define this expensive dog collar, Bestia Maximus, part of the “Exclusive” collection too.

It is genuine brown leather with two gold-colored rivets with brass-plated metal parts made of steel wire.

It is a high-quality collar with 4mm thickness, it is strong, durable but comfortable and with an ideal fit for your dog to use it daily for all kind of activities.

Bestia "Maximus" Leather Studded Collar

20. Bestia “Silver Giant” Leather Studded Collar

The “Silver Gaint” collar is an attractive, expensive, and durable dog collar with a striking design that will look great on your big boy or girl.

It has a combination of black leather with a soft red padded interior and 1cm spikes with all-metal nickel-plated parts, an overall thickness of 4 mm, and a total width of 6.3 cm.

It is also 100% lambskin or pigskin and features a leash attachment at the top of the collar.

Bestia "Silver Giant" Leather Studded Collar

Now you can choose the best expensive dog collar for your dog.

There are many luxury designer dog collars with different fancy styles, colors, and particular features, and it can be difficult to find the right one for your dog’s personality, but we hope that in this list you have found the ideal one for him.

As for the materials, the opinion of trainers and owners is that the best material is leather, although it is more expensive than other materials, it is more durable, resistant, and comfortable.

However, it’s important to get your dog a collar that not only looks great but also protects his neck, offers comfort throughout various physical activities, and matches his lifestyle. For example, if the dog likes to spend most of his time in the water, then a waterproof one is the most logical solution.

And remember, always try to keep your dog’s collar clean and check the buckle for damage or longevity. Although nothing will happen if your dog sleeps with the collar sometimes, it is recommended to remove it during the night to allow the skin under the collar to air out and avoid dermatological problems.

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