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Whether you want to know “Are Eggs Good for Dogs?” Or “What Fruits can Dogs Eat?” You will find the answers here on k9 

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We love dogs and puppies and we want to help all dog owners to keep their pooches happy and healthy, here you will find our latest blog posts, answering all questions doggy and puppy related. 

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Latest Blog Posts

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Discover the Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs 2021

The Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs 2021 Having a well-behaved dog with a fantastic sense of smell and great instincts can be a source of great pride and joy for you. And a dog that has command over its sense …
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most expensive dog collars

Discover the 20 best and most expensive dog collars of 2021

The dog collar is a very necessary accessory when we bring a new dog home as once our dog has all his vaccinations, we must take him outside to do physical activity and more. But these collars are not only …
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Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers – Buyers Guide

Heavy duty dog clippers are exactly what you need if you have a large dog with a lot of fur. In this review, we will tell you how the best heavy duty clippers for dogs differ from regular ones, which …
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Dog Toys

Top 20 Amazing Dog Puzzle Toys

K9 Blogger. Every dog owner should have these toys, they are simply amazing.

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Top 10 Comfy, Calming Dog Beds

Dog bed. Give you dog the most stylish, soft and comfortable bed possible. Some great choice here!

dog harness

Top 7 No Pull Dog Harness

Dog Harness. Some really innovative harnesses for big and small dogs.

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