Simple Guide: How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

How often should i feed my puppy

How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

Knowing how often you should feed your puppy and how much to feed your new puppy is one of the most important things you need to know. It is really important to get this right, to give your new puppy the best, healthiest start you can.

Puppy food is high in calories and packed with nutritional supplements, and getting your pup the correct nutrition will have a massive impact on your puppy’s growth and development.

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how often should you feed a puppy

Up to Six Months old.

By the time you pick up your new puppy at eight weeks old, they should have been fully weaned and eating solid food. After you pick up your new puppy, you should start feeding him/her 3 – 4 measured meals a day, evenly spaced out.

Some breeders will supply you with a few days’ worth of the puppy food they have been feeding them. It is then your choice whether you stick with this puppy food, or slowly switch to an alternative brand over a period of seven to ten days. If you are planning to change the brand of puppy food, I would suggest waiting until your puppy has settled into his/her new home first.

Once the food brand change over begins, start by adding a small amount of the new food to the old food. Slowly increase the amount of the new food and decrease the amount of the old food until you are just feeding them the new brand of food.

It is best practice to set up a puppy feeding schedule or if you have young children, maybe get them to create a puppy feeding chart.

Setting up a puppy feeding schedule will help with your puppy training and also give you a good idea of when your new puppy will need to go outside.

If you are unsure how much food you should be feeding your puppy, you will find instructions on feeding quantities on the side of your pup’s food bag.

Or if you prefer, you can speak with your veterinarian regarding food quantities.

Be sure to keep plenty of freshwater available for your puppy, especially if feeding dry food, as your puppy will likely be drinking more.

Six Months to One Year old.

After your puppy reaches six months old, you should transition from the 3 – 4 meals a day to 2 meals a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

This should continue until your pup matures.

One Year old and Over.

A lot of puppies mature at about one year old, but some larger breeds take longer to mature (up to two years).

Once your puppy reaches maturity, you will need to transition from puppy food to adult food, you can decide whether to feed him/her once or twice a day.

Personally, I think it is best to feed twice a day, evenly spaced out throughout the day, but try to stick to the same time each day, as this will help your dog get into a routine and help with house training and keeping your dog’s digestive system regular.

To make life easier, you may choose to make use of a dog meal delivery service. These services take into account your dog’s age, breed, size, energy levels, health conditions, and more to deliver your pooch, healthy, fresh meals delivered straight to your door.

Choosing Puppy Food.

When it comes to choosing food for your puppy, you have plenty to choose from. I always recommend getting the best puppy food you can afford.

You will need to find a food based on your pup’s age and size, and if it is described as “complete”, it will be nutritionally balanced and will be all your puppy needs. But don’t forget to keep plenty of water available too.

when to feed your puppy


How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

Up to six months old: 3 – 4 times a day

Six months to one-year-old: 2 times a day

Matured dogs: 1 – 2 times a day (preferably 2 times a day)

Things to Remember!

Always choose the best puppy food you can afford.

Do not abruptly change your puppy’s food, unless advised to by your veterinarian.

Avoid feeding your dog or puppy before traveling in a vehicle, this can lead to your pup getting travel sickness.

Exercising your dog within one hour before feeding or one hour after feeding can lead to a serious condition called bloat. This is a life-threatening condition, which will need immediate veterinary attention.

Some ways to avoid bloat include feeding your pup with a puzzle bowl, which slows down the speed your dog can eat. Speak with your veterinarian about whether your breed of dog is susceptible to bloat and what precautionary measures you can take to prevent it.

If you are in any doubt as to how much or how often you should feed your puppy, speak with your veterinarian.

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