How to Keep Your Dog Warm in Winter? (Winter Care Guide)

How to Keep your Dog Warm in Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Warm in Winter?

how to keep your dog warm

If you are a pet lover, you might be aware that overheating is dangerous for your canine. But what about low temperature? Is there anything to worry about when your four-legged best friend jumps around in the cold and freezing air outside? Yes. Cold weather comes with a lot of health care challenges for your little fellow. Especially if your pup is a toy breed or has a short coat. (Example, pugs, chihuahua)

In this guide we will give you an overview of how to keep your dog warm in winter.

Caring for Dogs During Winter

If your dog has thick body hair, it can still feel chilly in the cold winter air. Just like you, your pet is also likely to get low body temperatures and frostbite. (Frostbite is a situation where body tissues and skin freezes)

It is important to keep your pooch warm and protected from the freezing weather and negative temperatures. Some of the human winter safety measures can also be used to keep your dog safe and warm.

Limit the Outdoor Time

According to a general rule, a healthy pup can take one week to two months to accommodate himself to the surrounding extreme temperatures. Even if your dog has a muscular physique and thick, heavy coat, it is not wise to let them spend a huge amount of time outside unnecessarily. Thick body hair cannot protect all body parts. Do not let them sit on cold and wet areas. Ideally, reduce the puppies’ outdoor time to potty breaks and walks only.

If your puppy is not an indoor dog, provide him with an insulated dog house. Make sure your dog house is equipped with dry bedding. For this purpose, make sure your dog has a warm bed and plenty of warm bedding.

How to Keep your Dog Warm Outside

Dress your Dog Warmly

Small dogs and puppies with short coats need extra care in winter. Even some grown-up dog breeds may find it difficult to control their body temperature. A winter coat or sweater can be an excellent addition for your pooch. It will make them more comfortable by keeping them safe from the chill in the air. But do not cover your canines head.

How to Keep your Dog Warm Outside

Another critical factor is you should avoid shaving or cutting your dog’s body hair in winter. The body coat is a canine’s natural source of warmth. Therefore, you should avoid extra trimming. But do not ignore the importance of good grooming. Brush the dog’s coat thoroughly. A high protein and fat enrich diet will also help keep your pups coat healthy.

Care for your Dog’s Paws

Canines need extra paw care in winter. Different particles, including Ice, snow, and de-icers, can build upon their feet. Do not let your dog or puppy lick their paws without cleaning them first. Because De-icers especially antifreeze, can be deadly for your little pal.

Make sure to clean their paws every time they come inside from cold weather. Also, have a regular look at their pads. Due to icy-walks, they can suffer from severe cracks and painful bleeding.

Making your dog wear dog boots is a good decision. But if the pup is not comfortable with them, it is your responsibility to clean off the snow and chemicals from their feet after every walk.

Caring for dog paws in winter

Bathe your Dog in Winter

If you are a new dog owner, you might be thinking whether you can make your dog bathe during winter. The answer is yes, you can. But it is better to give them fewer baths during the freezing environment. You can also skip their bath altogether. Remember, during the low temperatures, dogs cannot quickly dry off. This can lead them to several cold problems. Make sure there fur is fully dried before going outside.

If you feel there is a need for a bath, give short baths and use lukewarm water. Dry the puppy as soon as possible.

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