Human Food Nutrition Articles

Which Are Safe & Which Are Not?

Here is where we keep all of our dog nutrition articles as we love helping owners of dogs & adorable puppies understand which human foods for dogs are safe and healthy for them to eat as well as which human foods are unhealthy and even toxic to our beloved dogs.


Learn about the human foods which are safe for dogs to eat and a few of their tasty benefits! Each dog is different and we try to address individual needs here. 

Dogs just like humans need a balanced diet. There are many human foods that can and should be included in your dog’s diet.


We love our pets just as much as you do, so join us in learning how to keep them healthy and happy! Our goal is to help you make better choices when it comes to keeping your pet’s diet balanced.


Come here to learn about human food, how it affects your dog, as well as what they can & can’t eat.


Here, you will also find articles on human foods which are unsafe for dogs and what the health risks are, if your dog does consume these foods.

Here at, we are fully convinced that nutrition is the key element for a productive life. Our articles will help you learn what to feed your dog, how much, and how often.


We are constantly blogging and adding new content, tips, tricks and product reviews. So please bookmark us and keep coming back for more great articles and to find out what we have been blogging about.

Proceed with caution and use common sense. If your pet has dietary sensitivities or health issues always consult your veterinarian before adding any new foods or supplements to their diet.

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