Mighty Paw Dog Sport Harness

4.4 Stars out of 5 from over 1,000 Reviews

67% of reviewers give this Mighty Paw Dog Sport Harness 5 stars.

Available in 4 sizes.

Mighty Paw Dog Sport Harness

If you’re looking sporty harness for your Mighty Paw, it’s just what you need!

This harness also has two leash attachments, one in the front where you can control your dog from pulling, and the other in the back where you can leave it free without worrying.

It reduces the stress on the dog’s neck during walks. It is easy to put on and take off and is fully adjustable and customizable regardless of the size/shape of your dog.

Mighty Paw is quite comfortable and padded, also very strong and durable, with reflective stitching for those sports sessions with low light.


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