Ruffwear All Day Dog Front Range Harness

4.6 stars out of 5 from over 14,800 Reviews

80% of reviewers give this Ruffwear All Day Dog Harness 5 stars.

Available in 16 Colors and 5 Sizes.

Ruffwear All Day Dog Front Range Harness

This is one of the best-rated No-Pull dog harnesses that offers greater control over your dog by reducing pulling behavior without hurting it or creating stress in its throat.

It is made of a strong and durable material of robust and lightweight nylon, with woven straps adapted from mountaineering technology which offers extra strong support.

It has a full range of motion for walking or running, is easy to put on and take off, has two strap attachment points, one is an aluminum V-ring on top, which works very well for daily walks.

It also has reinforced leashes on the front with padded panels on the dog’s chest and belly. This allows you to direct your dog when pulling the leash while giving more comfort and distributing its weight.

In addition, it is reflective, has high visibility to locate the dog in times of low light, is easy to wash, and comes in medium size.


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